This week’s “Collaborations” piece: “The Keyhole That Unlocks Pink Sands Beach,” Anonymous

CultureChild: Parent-child Art Projects
I’m on an island vacation this week for my daughter’s spring break, and believe it or not, we are finding lots of creative things to do at the beach—we’re taking breaks in the shade to draw, making Origami and creating solar prints with sand dollars, shells, found objects and sun-sensitive paper (using Toysmith’s Solar Print Kit).  We’ve also been building a giant sandcastle.  

Remember how much fun it was to build sandcastles as a kid?  Well, it’s still fun.  One gentleman took a shovel to the sand and carved out a giant keyhole.  Almost all the children—locals and tourists—and many of their parents who have visited a certain section of the beach on Harbour Island during the past two days, have contributed to what the kids dubbed “The Keyhole That Unlocks Pink Sands Beach.”  Lots of smaller popup villages made of sand drippings are cropping up around it.  The kids are sure having fun and keeping busy!


  1. KChambard says:

    Looks like a fun time!

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