How Tech Is Changing The Museum Experience

From Mashable

By Aliza Sherman

Sept. 14, 2011

Museums are exploring digital and mobile technologies to enhance visitor experience. Initiatives go beyond technology within exhibits and installations, but also include more pervasive uses of tech to create interactive experiences for visitors throughout a museum, as well as remote experiences for those who cannot get there.

Here, we highlight what three museums are doing to make the experience interactive, educational and engaging.

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5 Ways Museums are Reaching Digital Audiences

From Mashable

by Zoe Fox
August 12, 2011

New platforms are allowing museums to break free of the confines of the academic ivory tower and engage with their communities like never before…

From interactive SCVNGR challenges to crowdsourcing information about works of art, more museums are becoming digital savvy destinations. Here’s a look at some innovative campaigns.

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From The New York Times

OPINIONATOR: Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade
By Virginia Heffernan
August 7, 2011

It’s time to stop preparing students for a world that no longer exists.

If you have a child entering grade school this fall, file away just one number with all those back-to-school forms: 65 percent.

Chances are just that good that, in spite of anything you do, little Oliver or Abigail won’t end up a doctor or lawyer — or, indeed, anything else you’ve ever heard of. According to Cathy N. Davidson, co-director of the annual MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competitions, fully 65 percent of today’s grade-school kids may end up doing work that hasn’t been invented yet.

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